Links to technical information:

This page contains links to technical articles, videos and photos:

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Workshop Series. Look at the 'Hints for Homebuilders' menue on the left of the page. This is a terrific source of videos on all sort of techniques useful to handbuilt automobiles (and aircraft).

Fastener specs and other information.  This is located on the Bolt Depot website and is a great source of general information about fasteners.

Large holes in instrument panels: Describes how to create large holes (e.g., 3 3/8") in instrument panels using a Greenlee punch.  An EAA instructional video. A good online build guide for Mk3 and Mk4 Roadsters; requires a subscription.

Mustangs and Ford Magazine Series on Roadster Construction, 'Project Snake Charmer' (Index: type ’Snake Charmer’ in search field): Cooling system, EFI Fuel System, ...

Performance fuel hoses.  A discussion of the the dangers of using the incorrect type of fuel hose and what you should be using.  From Hot Rod magazine.

Rivnut installation.  An EAA instructional video.

Rivet fan: Basic layout using a rivet fan.  An EAA instructional video.

Tap and clearance drill sizes: SAE and metric