Construction steps

This page is an outline of the Mk IV build.  The sections below link to the main build steps.  The linkages provide a description of the elements of the build step with a sub-set of the photo collection.  The 'albums' section in the main menu provides all of the photos for each build step.  Each photo is annotated and they are presented in the order of the construction step.

A variety of resources are being used to guide the build and I’ll indicate the ones that I found to be the most useful at the end of each build section.  By far, I derived the most benefit from the and forums.  Other build sites, listed through the forum links, have also provided insights into different aspects of the build.

The manual that comes with the kit emphasizes the donor approach to building the car; I found it useful in a general- what makes up a cobra?- sort of way.  My version of the manual is Revision 4G (10/2016).  In each section below I’ve indicated the relevant part of the manual for reading.  In general, I’m following the ‘build steps’ list provided in the FAQ section.  The progress on my MK IV is indicated here: 'Build Checklist'

I’ve also included a build ‘blog that’s more of a time series of what I’m doing, as opposed to the more technical ‘construction steps’ section, and some thoughts on the progress.

The following lists the construction steps and contains links to the specific pages describing the details of that portion of the build.  Each page also has links to an associated photo album with a number of detailed construction photos.

Annotated construction steps (in the order completed):