Pedal box

The pedal box consists of  Wilwood brake and clutch pedals, a F5 clutch quadrant and an accelerator pedal.  The pedal box photo album is here.  The clutch head (clutch quadrant) is built up from the pieces you see on the top of the photo, below left; the completed clutch quadrant is shown below right.  The clutch cable fits into a slot created by the assembly.  The assembly 

DSC 5077DSC 5070

attaches to the top of the clutch pedal (below left).  The pedal and assembly needed some sizing to get the pedal top into the clutch cable assembly (below right).

DSC 5083DSC 5091DSC 5085DSC 5092

Pedal box and hanger.

Pedal box with the clutch pedal, clutch quadrant and brake pedal.

The F5-supplied gas pedal is shown below left.  Factory Five recently modified the DS footbox to accommodate the Ford Coyote engine by moving the inboard DS footbox panels inward.  The result is an interference of the gas pedal by the footbox Al.  There were several options for improving the fit including modifications to the DS aluminum or remounting the gas pedal. I decided to purchase a Rus Thompson gas pedal and the interference problem was solved.

DSC 5277DSC 5129

Rus Thompson gas pedal, below left and right.

DSC 5288DSC 5285