Build Checklist

This checklist was developed from and builders' suggestions.  Progress is noted here and specific links to the build are provided in the 'Construction Steps’ section (above menu).  The ‘Step’ column is the sequence that is ‘generally’ followed (e.g., The ‘Actual’ column shows the sequence I ended up taking.  I’ve tended to jump around a fair amount, doing tasks as needed but not in a strict order.  Some things need to be done in a certain order, e.g, front suspension before front brakes, but there are a number of tasks that can be done in parallel.  I keep a ‘journal’ with a punch list so that I don’t forget some things as I move between tasks.  Some days I want to drill and some I want to bolt; some days I just want to look at what’s in my shop and marvel at the fact that I’m building a car.  So, I go with the flow, so to speak.  A key thing for me has been that if I run into a problem or a step where I need to wait for a part, I move move to something else, temporarily.  One way I look at the build is that there are short-term tasks that are easily accomplished (e.g., drilling a bunch of rivet holes) and longer-term tasks that take planning and a number of sequential steps.  I try to have a day where I accomplish some of both and if I get stymied on something I do a task that has a high likelihood of success so that I’m always moving forward.  It works for me, anyway.

Kit ordered:     1/20/2017

Kit delivered:   3/27/2017

List updated:    8/3/20